Supporting Public Education

Stephen is a strong supporter of public schools, magnet schools, and charter schools. He believes that school choice is so important, as different schools offer alternative ways of teaching that helps students succeed. Since each and every child is unique, parents and students should have choice when deciding what kind of school is the best fit. 

Providing the Tools for Our Teachers

Stephen strongly supports teachers, as they play a critical role in the lives of students. Teachers must have the proper resources that they need in order to meet the needs of their diverse students. He also believes that we must recruit and retain high-performing teachers in the classroom.

Expanding Vocational Education

Stephen supports expanding the vocational education programs in District 1. Vocational learning is a great way to give students the skills that they need to enter the workforce and to be successful. Not all students are college-bound. Vocational education provides students an alternate route that is highly beneficial to students. 

Revitalizing and Maintaining Infrastructure

The school systems' infrastructure is in much need of improvements. Stephen supports fixing existing infrastructure of Hamilton County Schools, particularly in District 1. He supports improvements to the school buildings, sports facilities, and in technology. Covid-19 has shown that technology is an vital part of learning. Upgrading school technology for students and teachers is a priority for Stephen.